Why PCBite?

• Handsfree measurements - Makes simultaneousy measurements possible

• Easy to set up - Saves time

• Flexible - Handles circuit boards with different size and shape

• Durable - PCBite is made by high quality materials to last

PCBite the solution for soldering, inspection and handsfree measurements

PCBite is a complete line of products handling your circuit board during the development phase. Powerful magnets together with a stainless base plate makes the system flexible, mobile and user friendly.

Forget about the old stationary circuit board holders placed deep inside the company lab, we have developed a mobile and user friendly solution made for a fast phase development environment. Let your circuit board travel safely on board our PCBite thru the development and save a lot of time and hassle.

The probes

The probes are steady but yet flexible made for instant measurements or total handsfree operations together with your prefered measurement tools such as a multimeter, logic analyzer, debugger/programmer, MSO(mixed signal oscilloscope) or oscilloscope.

The probe has a flexible metal arm and a powerful magnet in the base for easy positioning. The one of the kind "lift and drop" function takes away the need for annoying and complicated set screws. The weight of the head makes the compressible needle maintain constant pressure at the probing point so even if the board is bumped into the probe tip will always stay in position. The measuring tip comes with a M4 thread interface for several mounting options.

PCBite PCB holders

The holder can easily be repositioned to handle circuit boards of varying shape and sizes.

The holders are first CNC machined from 6061 grade aluminium then sandblasted and finally anodized black matte to get that perfect look and feel. At the bottom of each holder is a strong magnet perfectly balanced in strength. A low friction bottom cap protects the magnet and makes the PCBite holder easy to slide. The “jaw” can open wide and a stainless spring ensures a really strong locking force. Every holder comes with yellow insulation washers which protects your circuit board. The washers also allows you to power up your creation safely.

The base plate

The base plate is made of stainless steel and comes in three sizes, small, large and extra large. The small and large size comes with one matte side and the other mirror polished. The mirror polished surface makes it easy to see components on the circuit board underside. These base plates also comes with a microfiber cloth to keep them nice and shiny.
For added protection during measurement an insulation cover can be used.
This insulation cover comes as an accessory for the large baseplate and comes
pre-fitted on the extra large base plate.

The Magnifier

PCBite Magnifier enlarges your target and makes it easier to see during soldering, inspection and measurements. Especially useful when placing PCBite hands free probes on fine pitch SMD components during measurements.

PCBite selection guide

Select the right kit for your need!